Problems faced in Chemical Custom Synthesis Industry…

Purity conflicts

Isomers conflicts

Insolubles conflicts

MOA and Testing results conflicts

Bad marking/Labelling

Bad Packaging

Broken Pallets

Late Deliveries

Price instability

Long time for product development.

This is causing huge losses to the international buyers.

The Chempro Group Solution

Working as your office in India.

We control and guarantee quality as per international STD specifications / customer's desired specifications for each products.

We control and standardize testing results for both in-process testing and finished products testing as per end user standards.

We control quality of raw materials used. We control cost, packaging, labelling and timely delivery.

We arrange shipments after the approval of pre-shipment samples by international customers.

We solve any problems with zero cost to the international buyer.

Free replacement at our cost with zero loss to customers.

Let us collaborate and build a healthy world together..... at our cost with zero loss to customers.
Chempro Custom Synthesis - Your own office in India.