About Us

Our niche and select molecules that we offer are unique and were developed in many cases for the first time in India based on the requirements of our customers. Affordable and competitive, we assure you that we will beat any price in the market for these items which are produced in our factories usually requiring special synthesis abilities.

Chempro group has a network of 137 factories located across India with unique reaction capabilities in the field of chemicals, specialty chemicals, dyes and pharmaceutical synthesis.

We have partner offices in 16 countries including Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Central America, United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, United Kingdom, France, Russia.

Chempro Group has now 18 molecules produced for the first time in India for the Japanese and North American markets under secrecy and exclusivity agreements of which 12 have reached commercial levels of production.

We have exclusive agreements with 37 companies across 16 countries.

Chempro group caters to customers like Clariant, Sumitomo, Mitsubishi, BASF, Ciba, DyStar, Everlight, Ohyoung, and Kyung-In for almost 20 years over two decades of networking experience in the Indian chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified group of companies having a Government of India recognized export house status. Our brand of formulations are manufactured at EU GMP and US FDA approved sites.

We are India’s unique customer focused and knowledge based supply chain solutions provider with the ability to design tailor made solutions to deliver competitive advantages to our customers. We achieve this by operating with carefully selected Small and Medium Enterprises over the last two decades that make high quality products and assisting them with finance related services for raw material procurement and/or credit utilities as well as operational equities.

We provide a diverse range of products and can do so on confidential and exclusivity basis. In the past we have reduced procurement cost for our customer’s by as much as 46%.

We have access to India’s best research laboratories and university departments like the Indian Institute of Technology and the Mumbai University Institute of Chemical Technology for carrying out high quality research and development by highly qualified scientists working in state-of-the-art research centers.

We also provide third party sampling or testing as per the requirements of our customers.

If you have a serious interest in the synthesis of new chemicals for which you would like to have a long term priceworthy supply source in India then contact us. We are waiting to be of service to you.